Service & Maintenance

Custom maintenance and services to fit your needs

Custom maintenance and services to fit your needs

Rocky Mountain Pools & Spas is above all a service based company. We have service personnel who are involved in continuing education that are ready to answer your call. We are continuing to grow to meet the needs of the existing customer base in Western Montana. Because of our dedication to the pool and spa service needs of our customers our motto is “we are the last pool & spa company you’ll need to call.” First and foremost, you are the reason we are here. Pool and Spa problems are usually a combination of several minor issues that are left unattended. Water chemistry is usually the primary cause of failure of equipment and pool structures. These failures are of corrosive, erosive and scaling nature. They are not isolated to gunite pools or polymer pools. With the new saline based sanitization we are experiencing electrolysis issues. Proper knowledge of the complete system will help you not only fix the failure but to keep the upgrades working for the design life of your pool. There is a plethora of systems for pools and spas – from surface treatments to filtration. From chemical free to chlorine free. Some with lifetime warranties and some with money back guaranties. All are advertised to save you money – we have not seen any products advertised to help you not spend money. Our approach to proper service is to help you make informed decisions and spend your budget in a positive manner. We can help you with clarification of available pool care products that can extend the life of your equipment and pool. We feel that periodic maintenance of the equipment is as important as the water chemistry maintenance. The pool season is short in the northern areas and failures can create undesirable situations. Call to see how a maintenance program can enhance your pool experience. We can give a report on the status of your system and help you set up a preventative maintenance schedule that will work for your project.


MAIN LINE 406-257-POOL (7665)

Service Department Hours

MON-FRI 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • All repair work itself is done at the customer’s home by highly qualified service personnel.
  • We have a fully stocked parts department so that any spa we sell can be repaired in a timely fashion for a reasonable service charge.


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